Current SGX Holdings

Updated as of 4 May 17

Several of my losers (KEPCORP, SEMBCORP, SINGTEL, TRIYARDS) were bought before I knew value investing concepts and stock analysis. So far all my SGX stocks that were bought after Jul 17 were all up except for 2. (one loss due to a technical error, the other loss to commissions, both were not reflected below). Other gains that were divested but were not reflected below were DBS, Maxi-Cash, ISOTeam, Best World, SATS, HK Land.

Description % portfolio Profit to date
KEPPELCORP 10.79% -17.22%
STI ETF 13.97% 12.65%
SembCorp ind 5.93% -14.57%
Singtel 5.84% -1.61%
HKland 5.37% 18.24%
Triyard (sold out) 9.95% -18.69%
MM2 2.74% 28.68%
hock lian seng 3.89% 68.34%
LHN (sold out) 2.70% 7.01%
First REIT 3.36% 1.73%
CNMC 3.95% 1.95%
DBS 15.91% 12.60%
Hong Fok 2.02% 0.37%
Singpost 3.41% -1.61%
Nordic 3.29% 11.81%

After note: Divested LHN Fully, Divested 60% of DBS in early May 17.

Investment thoughts behind some of the stocks above:

  1. Hong Fok – Low P/B value, Defensive
  2. Singpost – Defensive, growth in e-Commerce, Alibaba has a stake in Singpost and  will help to boost the profit from the trend of e-Commerce. With the recent issues in the disclosure and Singpost putting efforts into the governance, the stock might see some rebound in their prices.
  3. Nordic – Excellent Management that can grow profits even though at a low oil cycle. Stock might soar really high when the oil industry pick up
  4. Triyard – Low P/B value, Cyclical play. Recently, the shipping industry shows signs of picking up. There are now more ship owners asking to build new vessels. The industry looks like it might turn around in late 2017/2018.
  5. CNMC – Good hedge against inflation, crash. Recent drop in profits was due to the renewal of mining rights. The cost of producing gold is much lower than the big players. Supportive government to boost the revenue and economy,.
  6. First REIT – Moat in retaining tenants and increasing revenue, dividends, NAV over the years
  7. HKland – low P/B, cyclical property stocks that could see a turn around in the next few years.
  8. STI ETF – below average PE. To date, had earned 20% on an annualized basis. Turn around play for Singapore economy.
  9. MM2 – Growth stock into the media industry. Potential returns in their China venture.
  10. Hock Lian Seng – healthy order book and potential projects to be won from company spending on infrastructure