Useful links and Tools for Value Investor

Updated 18 Feb 18

A wonderful website to find Key Ratios, Metrics

Find out what billionaires and hedge funds are buying, selling, adding, reducing and their positions. The site also contains free valuation metrics such as DCF calculator.

Find out what insiders are buying and selling

An alternative website that shows guru buys and significant insider trades at one glance

A website that attempts to quantify and assigned a score and the best time to buy with the Jitta line.

An excellent website that checks on different Value investor gurus strategies and assigning a score.

Alternative: Nasdaq provides a more comprehensive list in their guru screeners

Excellent free stock screener

Want to find out how a company culture and CEO approval ratings? Glassdoor offers a good review on the company

Offers free screener and analysis of economic moat

Strategic list of weekly options premium

Good educational websites on options

ETF Resources

blog posts, interesting research, and non-consensus thinking curated daily “link-fest” websites

Search Twitter by ticker and see what investors are talking about

Other useful websites

Archive of white papers from Michael Mauboussin

Good blogs

Free lectures on valuation

Quick start to Accounting Terms in Financial Statement

A peek into earnings

A peek into what hedge funds are buying/selling

Find unusual options activity and history

Poor man Bloomberg & Screener




  1. Hi Tim
    Thanks for sharing. I am from the VIC September 2017 batch and still feeling very lost. Which website would you suggest for newbies in value investing?

    I am also having problem trying to find finanacial data on SGX website for Singapore stocks. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Ronna, a few things that you would probably like to start on.
      1. learn about asset allocation
      2. Start reading about economic moats (As a start only invest companies with strong and increasing moat)
      3. There’s a book by validea founder – the guru investor that describes some of the methodology out there that can gives as good reference
      4. Learn more about options in optionalpha

      For financial data, usually i rely on the screeners by the different brokers and go to their websites to download their annual report. If you don’t mind paying, shareinvestors have the consolidated data.

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